About Studio Moo

We opened the doors of Studio Moo in Summer 2010. Since then we’ve worked with some of the major brands in the UK, with our animation, CGI and visual effects being featured in games, ads, on TV and in feature films. Click on the ‘work’ button to see more.

We work directly with our clients and/or their advertising agencies – and when necessary we can call on some seriously talented people, ranging from filmmakers to designers to illustrators to animators to writers.

Back in 2010 we made one promise to all our clients: “We won’t go home until you’re completely happy.” That’s meant plenty of late nights and lot of takeaway pizza over the last five years. But the promise is still good today: we won’t go home until you’re completely happy. And we won’t go home until we’re completely happy either: our absolute best, every time. No corners cut; no compromises.

We’ll let our tea go cold…

01539 766540 | hello@studiomoo.com